Editor’s Note #3

Dear Readers,

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Q&A features on our “Home Away from Home” and “Finding Harmony” series thus far.

To further our vision in creating meaningful conversations about passion and impact, the Paradigma team is excited to introduce two new concepts to our platform: “Bullets” and “Global Voices.”

Our “Bullets” posts will be published in a list-like format. They will be shorter in length than our feature articles. This concept will be fun, easy-to-read, and packed with meaningful tips from our interviewees.

Our “Global Voices” pieces will be written by contributing writers outside of the editorial team. The topics will touch on current events, and will be written by writers who we believe are deeply passionate and involved in their chosen fields. The purpose of this opinion section is to give Paradigma a bold, defined and global perspective through a personal voice.

By introducing these new additions, we hope that our platform will reflect the growing diversity of our audience.


Feli, Jacq, and Joy


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