Gillian Geraldine

By: Felicia Widjaya Gillian Geraldine fell in love with the piano’s black and white keys when she was only four years old. Unlike the instrument’s monochrome colors, the tunes it produces open a world of multicolored melody   — similar to Gillian’s journey in pursuing a career as a musician. Her sweet personality emits through […]

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Adrian Emanuel

Adrian Emanuel built his career as an architect from the ground up. From assembling legos when he was younger, this University of Pennsylvania graduate — with a master’s degree in architecture and certificate in real estate development — worked on big-name projects such as World Trade Center 2, Shell headquarter, and Facebook headquarter. We met […]

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Hillary Bakrie

By: Felicia Widjaya Question and answer has been edited for length and clarity. Dressed in teal-colored batik with her hair up in a low bun, Hillary Bakrie exudes the warmth of Indonesian pride in the midst of a rainy, New York weather. Despite us only meeting for the first time, she goes in for a […]

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