Editor’s Note #4

Dear Readers, When we started Paradigma, we interviewed individuals who chose to start their careers abroad after university. For our “Coming Home” series, we’re sharing another perspective: stories of individuals who chose to come back home to Indonesia to pursue their careers.  Our interviewees range from those starting their own businesses to those who aim […]

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Editor’s Note #3

Dear Readers, We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Q&A features on our “Home Away from Home” and “Finding Harmony” series thus far. To further our vision in creating meaningful conversations about passion and impact, the Paradigma team is excited to introduce two new concepts to our platform: “Bullets” and “Global Voices.” Our “Bullets” posts will […]

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Editor’s Note #2

Dear Readers, Thanks for following us through our first chapter of storytelling, “Home away from Home.” We hope our first batch of stories inspired you to pursue your passion no matter where you may be. For our second set of stories, “Finding Harmony,” we will feature individuals who decided to study and pursue a career […]

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